Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bob Goodlatte's SWAC HQs Grand Opening ... the speeches

"How is everyone on this beautiful Shenandoah Valley day?"
Congressman Bob Goodlatte addresses the crowd as
Del. Chris Saxman (left) and Del. Steve Landes (right) listen.
Roth Landes, age 6, listens with his dad.

Kids will be kids ... and they help keep us grounded.
As Del. Landes asks Del. Saxman a question, Roth offers a bite of his Twizzler.

With his dad emceeing, Roth Landes tries on the Twizzler for size ... maybe it could double as a pair of special effects glasses?

The original John McCain supporter even a year ago when everyone thought he was out of the game, Del. Chris Saxman (R-20th House) stumps for his candidate. He is co-coordinator of the Virginia John McCain campaign and will be attending the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul in a week.

Maryellen Goodlatte (left) listens.

It was a beautiful day in Augusta County with temps in the mid-70s as a crowd of supporters gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Bob Goodlatte for Congress headquarters in Verona. They overflowed into the parking lot, gathering around to listen to Congressman Goodlatte speak as well as Del. Steve Landes and Del. Chris Saxman.

The other elected in attendance was Augusta Commissioner of Revenue Jean Shrewsbury. Vice Chair Tom Nelson, Vice Chair Lynn Mitchell, Treasurer Emily Griffin, as well as Debbie Summers, Dick Spencer, Larry and Barbara Roller, and many others.

Staunton was represented by former GOP Chair and current Vice Chair Bruce Grover and his wife, Ruth, as well as Wally Almquest, Fonda Gardner, Doug Cline, and others. Shenandoah County was represented by Suzanne Curran who drove down for the grand opening.

The event ended shortly before noon as the Congressman prepared to head out into the 6th District to a parade and other events. Volunteers went inside headquarters to begin phone banking while others spread into the community to do some door knocking.

This is the Goodlatte Winning Weekend!

More photos to come....

Photos by SWAC Girl

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