Friday, August 22, 2008

JAB: GOP for life ... Dems for partial birth abortion

Partial birth abortion? What's that? Many have no idea. Check out this diagram of the partial birth abortion process.

Definition of partial birth abortion:
An abortion technique used to kill second- and third-trimester unborn babies by removing the baby's entire body, except for the head, and then sucking out his or her brains. Click below for medical illustrations describing the abortion technique.

Specifically, a surgeon partially pulls the baby out of the birth canal feet first, punctures the base of the skull with a scissors or other sharp instrument to insert a catheter into the skull to remove its contents, then collapses the skull so that the head can be delivered without harming the woman's reproductive organs.
James Atticus Bowden succinctly hits the pro-life / partial-birth issue with his post McCain/Gilmore for Life vs Obama/Warner for Partial Birth Abortion. Bottom line:
John McCain made his position clear the other night that life "begins at conception."

Jim Gilmore will champion strict constructionist Constitutional and pro-life judges that McCain nominates.

Barack Hussein Obama didn't vote against partial birth abortion when he could in Illinois. He spoke up for it as a Constitutional necessity because some judge said so. Apparently, any judge is above Obama's pay grade.

Mark "I will not raise your taxes" Warner vetoed a bill stopping partial birth abortion in Virginia. The General Assembly over rode his veto.
'Nuff said.


James Atticus Bowden said...

Lynn, ask any Christian or observant Jew to put the words "Christian" and "partial-birth" abortion in a sentence.

The only ones that work include verbs like "oppose, fight, hate, stand against, stop, reject, etc."

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Partial birth abortions are hideous and I wonder how many Americans truly understand what is involved.

I remember first learning it myself about 15 years ago and was horrified at the thought of a doctor using scissors to punch a hole in a baby's brain, then suctioning out the brains. How could anyone do that?

We treat animals better.