Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saxman's VP Poll ... 4% voted for Saxman!

Chris Saxman's Vice Presidential poll had one particular surprise ... 4% voted for Chris Saxman for VP! Apparently some have bigger plans for our Mr. Delegate. Here are the results:

Thanks to everyone who responded to my email yesterday asking for your thoughts on who the Republican Vice Presidential nominee will be. I had planned on keeping voting open a bit longer, but the buzz seems to be heating up that Senator McCain's pick may be revealed as early as tonight or first thing in the morning.

So here were your votes:

1. Who do you want to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee?

Governor Mitt Romney - 30%
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - 10%
Governor Mike Huckabee - 9%
Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice - 9%
Congressman Eric Cantor - 6%
Governor Sarah Palin - 6%
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell - 4%
Governor Bobby Jindal - 3%
National McCain Co-Chair Meg Whitman - 3%
Speaker Newt Gingrich - 3%
Senator Joe Lieberman - 2%
Lt. Governor Michael Steele - 2%
And each with 1% of the vote:
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Senator Fred Thompson
Governor Tim Pawlenty
Governor Mark Sanford
Pat Buchanan
Governor Haley Barbour
Governor Charlie Crist
Governor Tom Ridge
General David Petreaus

2. Who do you think the Republican VP nominee will be?

Fewer of you were willing to take a stab at this one, but the results were:

Governor Mitt Romney - 82%
Governor Tim Pawlenty - 8%
Governor Tom Ridge - 6%
Senator Joe Lieberman - 2%
Congressman Eric Cantor - 2%

Thanks again to everyone who responded, and like you, I look forward to learning who will be joining our Republican ticket!


Chris Saxman

PS- And a special thank you to the 4% of you who voted for me as your choice for VP- humbling and humorous all rolled into one!

John McCain for President
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