Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John McCain Convention Watch Parties

Next Thursday, John McCain will deliver his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention in Minnesota and you won't want to miss this exciting night. That's why we're asking you to gather with fellow supporters to host or attend a McCain Nation Convention Watching Party next Thursday, September 4th.

Our first McCain Nation National Event Day was a huge success - over 15,000 of your fellow McCain supporters participated. We're expecting more to participate in Convention Watching parties all across the country as John McCain officially accepts his Party's nomination next Thursday.

You are John McCain's best advocate in this election. You can make a huge difference in this campaign by reaching out to fellow McCain supporters and undecided voters to share why you support John McCain for president. Please visit the McCain Nation section of our website today to host or attend a Convention Watching Party next Thursday.

--From John McCain campaign

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