Saturday, August 16, 2008

SWAC Niece here to visit

One of the joys of being an aunt is having nieces visit ... and SWAC Niece is coming to Augusta County tomorrow to stay for a few days. We call it "Camp Mitchell" ... the time when she can pick whatever she wants to do while visiting Aunt Lynn.

She emailed her list tonight and I can safely say we will do everything listed:

- Feeding duckies ... check! [The duck pond is in Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton.]
- Book Fair ... check! [Green Valley Book Fair runs through Labor Day.]- Rock Band ... check! [Guitar Hero and all that....]- Hike ... check!
- More Gypsy Hill Park ... check!
- Take pictures? We can definitely do that ... CHECK!- COOKIES!!!!!! ... I have the chocolate-chocolate chunk cookie mix in the pantry ... CHECK! [Chocolate-chocolate chunk cookie mix is her favorite ... and we eat the mix with just a touch of microwave cooking.]

I added a few other things that we will be doing:

- Bonfire ... check! [We have a big fire pit in the backyard.]
- S'mores ... check!
- Grilling chicken, brats, and corn-on-cob outside ... check!

Like I said ... one of the joys of being an aunt is having nieces visit. And my sister (SWAC Niece's mom) is coming with SWAC Niece ... girls week in the Valley!

It will be a fun time....

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