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"Secret Life of Senator Infanticide" from American Power Blog

Donald Douglas over at the American Power Blog in the California political blogosphere has written a great piece about Barack Obama's lack of truthfulness and his sidestepping questions. These issues are beginning to seep to the surface as the campaign season continues and as he is asked the harder questions by conservatives. Not the media, mind you -- but conservatives ... radio talk show hosts, Fox News, and others who want to pin down the truth.

In Secret Life of Senator Infanticide, Donald writes:
What's become clear this week is that Barack Obama is an inveterate liar. He's not told the truth about his past positions on abortion (his "life lies," in David Freddosso's words), and he's also not been forthcoming on his ties to fugitive terrorist William Ayers and his leadership of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

But that's not all!

We've learned today that Obama published a brief research note in the Harvard Law Review which outlined his early pro-choice jurisprudence. What's most striking about this is not so much Obama's views, but that he's specifically claimed not to have authored any research during his law school tenure at Harvard University. As Ann Althouse rightly notes:
What is odd is that up until now, we'd been led to think that Obama, despite his stature as president of the Harvard Law Review, had never written anything. Once Politico tracked down the article, the campaign acknowledged that Obama had written it. But why the urge to suppress it? Obama took knocks for his supposed failure to produce any legal scholarship. It seems that abortion is just not something he wants to have to talk about.
Absolutely, and as we're seeing, it's not just abortion: From Trinity United Lutheran Church to the Richard J. Daley Library at University of Illinois at Chicago to the pattern of secrecy surrounding every move of his presidential campaign, Barack Obama is engaged in a deep program of deception, dishonesty, obfuscation, and prevarication.

What's shameful is the media's protective cocoon that's enabled this perfidy. As Michael Barone asks, "Why Won't the Mainstream Media Question the Obama Narrative?"

The answer? "Obama's Secret Weapon: The Media."
Be sure to read the entire post over at the American Power Blog.

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