Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Civic Fest ... A Very Minnesota Celebration

Lot of happenings will be going on in Minneapolis-St. Paul the week of the Republican National Convention. One of them is "Civic Fest" which is billed as "a very Minnesota celebration" at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It is a celebration of American history, democracy, and the U.S. Presidency and is presented by the Host Committee for the Republican National Convention.

A kick-off party for delegates will be held there Sunday evening in preparation of the convention's start the next day.

Some of the displays are:

Oval Office: A replica of the White House Oval Office offering an opportunity for visitors to sit behind the President's desk and sign a bill into law.

Air Force One: Full-scale replica of the fuselage of Air Force One for touring and photos.

Convention Floor: A recreated convention floor with bunting, state stanchions and balloon drops featuring convention footage, speeches, and ads from past campaigns. Also features a Jumbotron simulcast of the live convention.

First Ladies' Gowns: Exhibit of inaugural gowns worn by First Ladies.

Hail to the Chief: Take the Oath of Office: Visitors take the Oath of Office and are sworn in as President.

Reporting Live from CivicFest: Report from Anchor Chair: Become a television reporter and be filmed seated in an anchor chair, and deliver a report from a teleprompter.

Presidential Limousine: An actual President's official limousine is on display with important historical documentation.

White House Entry and Rose Garden: A 60-foot facade of the White House and Rose Garden entry.

White House Entertaining: A formal display of White House china table settings from eight Administrations.

This is just a sampling of the more than 30 exhibits to explore and interact with. It should be a fun-filled evening on August 31 as delegates from all over the country gather in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

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Anonymous said...

Interest in this snooze-fest is so low that the first 5000 get in free.