Thursday, August 21, 2008

George W. Bush ... he kept his promise

Word is Barack Obama asked Martinsville folks:
How many are worse off than you were since George Bush took office?
George Bush has helped keep me safe. I am alive.

After taking office as President, the United States was hit with the worst act of war in our history ... 9/11/01. The President vowed at that time to keep the American people safe from future terrorist acts.

He has kept that promise.

I am alive under the leadership of George W. Bush ... and that is something to celebrate.

H/T From On High


Anonymous said...

Lynn, you need to help us out here. Is President Bush on the Ticket in November? All this time I thought John McCain was the Republican candidate.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Yes, Barack Obama appears to be running against the President instead of John McCain. Perhaps he should concentrate more on the person who is actually going to be on the ballot.