Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NewsMax will be at Republican National Convention

NewsMax will be at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. In a press release today, they announced plans for video coverage, news feeds, and more. This is an exciting addition to the conservative news lineup.

Here is the press release:

Ronald Kessler and Stewart Stogel to report live from Minneapolis-St. Paul

Newsmax Media (, a leading independent online news site and magazine, is covering the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next week. Chief Washington Correspondent Ronald Kessler and writer Stewart Stogel will be reporting live from the event, featuring interviews and analysis with top newsmakers, opinion makers and bloggers.

Newsmax’s coverage plans for the Republican National Convention, taking place September 1-4, include; convention video and daily election news feed, breaking updates both online and in Newsmax’s election email newsletters, and live blogging coverage highlighting the major events of the convention.

"In this historic political year, we will be bringing our unique independent perspective and analysis to the convention," said Christopher Ruddy, CEO and editor in chief of Newsmax. "Our goal is to bring both conservative and alternative news perspective to our audience of more than 5 million readers, through, our email news alerts magazine and through several online newsletters."

In addition, Newsmax’s September cover story “The Influencers” features the Top 25 inside players, power brokers and dealmakers for the Republicans. The list classifies the top Republicans under several categories:

· The “Insiders & Strategists”—the movers and shakers who help formulate the policies that the president and Congress are seeking to implement including Newt Gingrich, William Kristol and Mark Salter

· The “Money Makers” who are the wealthy Brahmins of the party who back not only candidates, but political causes and think tanks in an effort to shape the public debate, featuring Sheldon Anderson, Mercer Reynolds and Bill Simon

· The “Political Activists” who reach out to millions in the grassroots, helping to frame public opinion and win elections, highlighting Tom DeLay, Richard Land and Paul Weyrich

About Newsmax Media

Newsmax ( is an independent online news site and magazine in the U.S. offering conservative and independent perspective. Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Newsmax is a one-stop shop to find out the latest breaking news and information on political, financial and health news in print, online and in email newsletters.
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Anonymous said...

Wonder it NPR is going to give hour to hour coverage for the Convention next week like they have for the Democrat Convention?