Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The circle of life....

She was a gentle soul ... a strong Christian, conservative ... a mom, wife, daughter ... going about life in her gentle Mennonite way ... long skirts and long hair and a permanent smile on her face, ready to reach out and help those in need. She was a gifted pianist and a beloved Sunday School teacher.

I used to hear her children laughing and playing in their yard ... the squeals of delight as they ran around outdoors chasing each other, dog yapping at their heels, just being kids. Even after their mother fell ill, when we knew the physical battle she was going through, the innocence of children's laughter ringing through the air reminded us of the circle of life.

At the age of 32, cancer crept into her body ... that incidious disease that went after this vibrant young woman. Her family tried everything to find a cure, traveling to visit doctors and hospitals, hoping to stop the cancer that eventually spread throughout her body. She lost her battle this week.

How does a family deal with the overwhelming grief that consumes children, spouse, siblings, and parents when a loved one is taken away? Faith.

Today it is raining in the Valley ... gentle but steady rain drops ... which somehow seems appropriate....

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