Tuesday, August 26, 2008

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week ... trucks deliver America

Goody bag from Wal-Mart store in Harrisonburg

This is National Truck Driver Week in America, a chance to thank all those hard-working drivers who truck goods nationwide to stores, shopping centers, grocers, hardware, home deliveries, construction sites, schools, colleges, churches, food services, manufacturing ... trucks move America.

My husband is a Teamster who drives an 18-wheeler in the Shenandoah Valley, delivering ... picking up ... part of the network of trucks moving goods around the area. When he was in Harrisonburg Monday, the Wal-Mart store was handing out goody bags to drivers ... a hodgepodge of snacks and useful items that someone who spends the majority of his day on the road could use.

Inside a gift bag they had provided:
3 small bags of assorted chips
Mountain Trail Mix
Dental floss
First aid kit
Rain-X Towelettes
Visor Organizer
Small flashlight and batteries
Notepad and pen
Oreo cookies
Assorted candy
It was a nice recognition that was appreciated by my husband who had eaten most of the candy before the photo could be taken. Thanks, Wal-Mart! And thanks to all those truckers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, good to hear that it's sweeping the nation. Truck drivers are what drives America! My husband is also a driver. Check out my company's blog when you have time, we also posted info on NTDAW-