Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mason Conservative: Jim Gilmore stayed to fight for GOP

Chris over at Mason Conservative directs a post at Tom Davis and his -- should we call it bitterness? -- at not being the candidate running for the U.S. Senate seat.

Chris nails it and says exactly what I have been feeling about this race with his response to a commenter who (typically) blames conservative Republicans for the woes of the Republican Party. Chris responds:
If Tom Davis is mad at conservatives, he's mad at the wrong people. There were plenty of us rearing to go for him at the Richmond convention this year, and as Jim Gilmore's close victory of a state delegate proves, he was vunerable.

Things are easy when you're running unopposed or win by 30 points. When things got tough, Tom Davis went home. Jim Gilmore didn't. And maybe Gilmore gets demolished in November, but he made a fight out of this race when not one major player in the state GOP would. Not Cantor, Forbes, Drake, Allen, Warner, Bolling, McDonnell - none of them took on this fight. Gilmore did. So if Tom Davis is angry, he should be angry at himself.
[emphasis added]
I am disturbed at the lack of Republican leadership to step forward and campaign on Jim Gilmore's behalf. It is time to expose Mark Warner, much as the man before the curtain was exposed in The Wizard of Oz. I maintain that Warner is vulnerable especially if the entire Republican Party of Virginia stood in solidarity against him.

That lack of solidarity has not gone unnoticed to the grassroots volunteers.

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James Atticus Bowden said...

The people who stand under the left pole in the big Republican tent play be different rules.

If you primary a squishy, tax and spend incumbent, then you are a disloyal Republican, extremist,etc.

If the tax and spend fellow wins, you are expected to applaud and help enthusiastically.

If a Conservative wins a primary or champion issues as the candidate, then they are on their own. Totally.