Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain raises $27 million in July

The John McCain for President campaign raised a record-breaking $27 million in July. So what does he plan to do with the money?

As reported by the Washington Times:
Sen. John McCain has so much spare cash on hand — he collected a record $27 million in July — that the Republican candidate plans to run campaign ads during the networks' coverage of the Democratic National Convention later this month.

Because Mr. McCain has agreed to accept $84 million in public financing for the general election, the presumptive presidential nominee has only until Sept. 4, when he accepts his party's nomination, to spend the more than $21 million he has on hand.
With the Democrat Convention the last week in August and the Republican Convention the first week in September, any bounce Democrat Barack Obama receives will be overshadowed by the Republicans in Saint Paul.

Stay tuned for two of the most exciting weeks coming up for political junkies....

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