Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take the NRA poll ... should right-to-carry students have firearms on campus?

The NRA is running a poll with three questions:

1) Do you think students with Right-to-Carry permits should be able to carry firearms on college campuses?

2) What kind of handgun do you generally think is best for personal protection outside the home?

3) Please indicate your gender

Current results of the poll as of Saturday morning:

1) Yes 91% ... No 6% ... Not sure 3%

2) Revolver 25% ... Semi-automatic 73% ... Other 1%

3) Male 95% ... Female 5%

Go to the NRA website and scroll down the right column to find the poll.

1 comment:

Dirk van Assendelft said...

My answers:

1. Absolutely
2. Any handgun you have been trained on and are comfortable with. I prefer a semi-auto....although for more formal occasions, a small revolver.