Monday, October 20, 2008

Actress Janine Turner part of Team Sarah!

A message to all members of Team Sarah ...

First, a warm welcome to the almost 2,000 members who joined us today!

Many of you found out about Team Sarah courtesy of member Janine Turner's appearance on FOX News. Thank you Janine, you rock!

For those who are new here, Team Sarah is a diverse coalition of women dedicated to advancing Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential candidacy. Men are welcome too!

Team Sarah was created almost exactly one month ago, when 30 or so women joined together to launch a virtual community that would mobilize supporters for Gov. Palin ... and the values which she so nobly represents.

From this small beginning, Team Sarah grew by word of mouth to 5,000 members ... in just a month. Vibrant, active members. Not spectators. Not commentators. Players!

We now have 82 active groups. A press conference in Manchester, NH! (Go TeamSarah NH!) And Team Sarah members volunteering at local victory centers across the country!

Our members did this with their own smarts and dedication and ... sometimes, sass! Initially, the Team grew just by word of mouth.

Then ... it was helped along by blogs. By Erick Erickson on And by a great piece by KLo in National Review Online. And now by Janine's help on Fox.

But the core of our growth has always been, and will always be, friends inviting friends. So -- new members and old -- now is the time.

We had a goal that our community could grow itself to 10,000 members by election day. We know can do it!

At 10,000 our momentum will be huge. At 10,000 ... we're bigger than Wasilla, Alaska!

And we all know the the gift that Wasilla gave the world. Yes. Mayor, then Governor, and soon, Vice President Sarah Palin!

So old and new members, invite friends to join Team Sarah today!

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