Friday, October 24, 2008

No surprise ... once a traitor, always a traitor

So Scott McClellan is going to vote for Barack Obama? Where's the surprise? After writing a book criticizing his former employer President George W. Bush, would anyone expect anything less?

CNN reported:
McClellan, a onetime Bush loyalist whose scathing critique of the president sent shock waves across Washington last spring, has long hinted he was leaning toward the Illinois senator.
Once a traitor ... always a traitor.

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Anonymous said...

McClellan's book is whiny and self-serving. By his own account, anyone can tell that he spent his early years perfecting the art of kissing the butts of men like Bush, in order to get ahead.

In short, McClellan is exactly like too many of today's Republicans; willing to assume any position, both political and physical, in order to curry favor of those in power.

Unfortunately, there is a similar army of sycophants on the Socialist Democrat side.

To a certain extent this sort of behavior goes back to the days of kings and their courts, filled with yes-men. Here in America, such blind loyalty is a poison to the Republic. McClellan showed no courage while he was on the W team, and only demonstrated his cowardice by publishing his tabloid style book after leaving.

After the coming landslide victory for Obama, let us hope that a new crop of principled Republicans will emerge to lead; Men who encourage active and honest discussions of the issues; Men who will actively build coalitions among an ever more diverse population; Men who will offer Americans real solutions and a positive view to the path to renewed prosperity and Men who will pledge to restore our government to its Constitutional limits and who will ENHANCE our Liberty.