Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barbara West ... a news anchor unafraid to ask the tough questions

Barbara West, TV anchorwoman for WFTV-Orlando, should teach journalism, civics, or government. Unafraid to ask the tough questions, she rattled Joe Biden when she asked about Barack Obama's "spread the wealth around" mentality.

The YouTube interview reveals it all. As she stated on Fox & Friends this morning, time is running out to ask questions of those who want to lead our country.

Fox News reported:
WFTV’s Barbara West, an Orlando anchorwoman, grilled Biden on everything from his running mate’s connections to Acorn to his statement that Obama would be “tested” by an international crisis and may make decisions that don’t immediately seem like the right ones — and even quoted Karl Marx to ask how Obama would be any different from the Communist founder who favored redistributing wealth to society’s underclass.

“Is this a joke?” Biden asked after the Marxism line. “Is that a real question?” West assured him that it was.
Yes, Joe, it's a real question ... and Americans would like to hear real answers. We are at a crossroads in our nation's history and need to know who we are putting in the White House.

The Obama campaign cancelled a later WFTV-Orlando interview with Jill Biden and essentially cut off the TV station.

Good for Barbara West for being willing to ask the tough questions. Wonder how long it will be before they start prying into her personal life like they did with Joe the Plumber....


Misfit410 said...

It really makes me ill that people can witness this Obama campaigns refusal to answer such really important questions. Yet instead of his supporters asking him why he did not just stand up and confront the questions they are blaming this woman for being a GOP lackey.

Why do people trust someone so much who just has so much to hide?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

It is the liberal way to blame anyone except themselves. Point the finger ... don't take responsibility ... it's the other guy's fault.

So it appears Biden is following the old Democrat play-book: "Distribution of wealth? He didn't say anything about distribution of wealth."

All we can do is keep hammering from the new media to get the stories out there that the mainstream media will not cover ... and pray that more journalists like Barbara West will step forward and do their jobs.