Monday, October 20, 2008

Americans For Prosperity rocked D.C.!

From Tim Phillips, President of Americans For Prosperity ...

On October 10 & 11, we once again welcomed more than 1,400 of our best grassroots activists to Washington, D.C. for our second annual Americans for Prosperity Foundation Defending the American Dream Summit.

These top AFP citizen-activists to Washington, DC, stormed the capitol in a massive show of force which was seen by millions of Americans live on Fox News and CNN, received the best available grassroots and issues training, and heard from inspiring speakers like George Will and John Stossel.

As I've traveled back-and-forth across the country over the last month, I have seen firsthand the challenges our free market movement faces. Our opponents are convinced they stand on the cusp of moving our nation dramatically toward bigger government, higher taxes and more regulation. They are convinced they will move Card Check legislation, "cap and trade" legislation, tax increases and new government-run health care legislation. We face a genuinely challenging effort from now straight through next year and beyond.

But after spending a weekend with our core AFP activists from across the nation, I know our grassroots army is more energized than ever, and they are committed to fighting over the long haul for our freedoms.

Like you and me, they’re not going to stand idly by while opponents of free enterprise try to use the economic situation as an excuse to push for the biggest government expansion in decades – maybe ever.

Thank you for all you do for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Together, we are making a difference.

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