Friday, October 31, 2008


It was the invasion of the wild guineas in Tater's field today as she rounded up the herd of 20 fowl, feeling it was her responsibility to keep them in that corner.
It was hilarious ... 19 birds had somehow found themselves inside the pasture fence and could not get out ... and one was outside and could not find his way in.
No matter what they did, Tater herded them back into the corner and kept an eye on them. When I left, she was still guarding those guineas. She now has the title "herd horse"!

Photos by SWAC Girl
October 31, 2008


Staff said...

Oh, that's funny stuff.

My grandfather has always loved guinea fowl for some reason. he tries to raise them, but foxes inevitably catch them.

Do these birds run wild in your part of Virginia?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Wild, no ... guineas generally are domesticated ... so I suspect these were from someone's farm. We are in a rural area. They were strange critters to Tater which was what made it all the more amusing.