Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael Steele in Staunton TODAY for John McCain

Just received confirmation that Michael Steele, former Maryland Republican Lt. Governor, will be at Rowe's Restaurant in Staunton today at 1:45 p.m. along with Congressman Bob Goodlatte. They will be stumping for John McCain for President in these final days leading to November 4th. The public is invited to come out and show their support behind our Republican candidates.

McCain-Palin 2008


Misfit410 said...

Thank you for keeping us informed, that is very close to where I work, so I may just be taking a late lunch today.

Anonymous said...

That's great. He seems like a really great man. It seems like there are stops in the valley almost everyday this week. Anyone coming to the area tomorrow? If so, please post. Thanks so much.

Mark said...

Little too far for me, but I did go to the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax. I could have gone to the Palin erally in Fredericksburg...Hell! I could have walked to it, but I didn't like the crowds at the one in Fairfax, so I passed.

Anyway, I think the problem with Obama supoorters is they don't understand that his policies are Socialist, or, as Misfit pointed out, they don't care. Why is this? I believe it's because they really don't understand why Socialism is a danger to freedom.

That's why I wrote a brief history of Communism at my place,, explaining the negative repercussions of a Socialist system.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info. Anyone else coming this week? If so, please post.

Anonymous said...

Jim Gilmore is going to be at the Wood Grill at noon tomorrow.