Saturday, October 25, 2008

Has Kaine used unethical practices with SBE?


October 24, 2008
Contact: Mike Wade
Chairman, Third District Congressional Committee
(757) 880-9195

Statement on the Governor’s Office use of the
Unethical Practice Involving the State Board of Election

There is nothing unusual about a Governor or its staff working hard for a candidate for President; this has been done for years. What is extraordinary is for the Governor's office to get directly involved in making a back-door change to State Board of Election policies for one candidate and one election.

The Virginia State Board of Election has historically had an excellent reputation for being fair and non-partisan. This record has always given the public confidence in our electoral process.

That reputation has been badly damaged this year and many Virginians question whether the SBE can remain non-partisan under the direction of the Governor's office and the political agenda of the Governor.

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Michael "Mike" D. Wade, Chairman
Republican Third Congressional District Committee
15 Westminister Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23666
(757) 880-9195

Authorized by the Republican Third Congressional District Committee.


Anonymous said...

What is Kaine supposed to have done?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Mike Wade's contact info is on that press release ... ask him.