Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall festivals, family, friends ...

Today was one of those autumn Sundays that was spent with family and friends celebrating the harvest time of the year.

Family for lunch made an enjoyable day to visit and relax and fellowship. Then it was off to church to the Harvest Festival to join a number of friends and their children for a medieval experience at the King's Court.

Following the "castle" theme, many adults dressed as knights and maidens and other characters from King Authur's day, a theme that continued into the decor and atmosphere for the event.

Games, cake walks, bouncy-bounces, a Medieval Village Food Court with fare for ye hearty appetites which included Brunswick Stew, vegetable beef & pumpkin soup, chicken nuggets, corn dog nuggets, nachos & cheese, french fries, bakery goods, funnel cakes, cider, lemonade ... the Marketplace with kettle corn and apples ... pumpkin bowling and castle coloring ... courtly portraits ... and, of course, hay rides! Fun for all ages, there is nothing like a hay ride to bring out the joy of an October afternoon.

The imagination of kiddie costumes was fun to see ... a tiny adorable bumblebee ... delightful sparkly fairies ... youthful GI Joes ... Star War characters ... a tiger, a joker with an absolutely fantastic costume ... a precious little baby lamb ... a snow princess ... brides ... Ariel the mermaid ... a kitty cat ... a pirate -- argh!

Adults were creatively dressed as scarecrows ... medieval m'ladies ... Mr. Darcy ... Phantom of the Opera ... the Hunchback. Most followed the medieval theme of the night.

Just the warm fellowship with friends made for fun as we watched the children enjoy games ... played with babies ... laughed at costumes ... helped with clean-up afterwards ... stayed to pray for our nation.

Fall festivals, family, friends ... it's autumn in the Shenandoah Valley.

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