Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging on a rainy Saturday ...

I was on the go all week ... politics, family, class ... but have had dozens of blogging posts swirling in my head. It is rainy and dreary outside so it presents a great opportunity to blog on some of what I have wanted to write about.

During the week I received emails from folks and phone calls from others with blog ideas, issues they feel are important to the campaign and to Americans. I thank them and am following through and researching some of those issues.

As I sit here in the warmness of my family room ... woodstove cranking out heat with a steady rain continuing outdoors ... I am enjoying being home and having an opportunity to feed the political junkie. Since the weeks leading up to elections become a blur with all the activities that are part of campaigns, today it is nice to have the chance to write.

I love rainy days ...

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