Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Glenn Beck's Tuesday interview with Sarah Palin

Driving around Augusta County this morning delivering more Chick signs, I had the pleasure of hearing Glenn Beck interview Sarah Palin on his radio show. I say "pleasure" because she is always a delight to listen to with her no-nonsense way of looking at the world. She sounds ... like me. And like many of my friends and family members. She's like us.

Glenn posted the interview ... you should read it. She was interesting, knowledgeable, friendly ... I like this woman. She's a baracuda when she has to be ... and I like that, too, because otherwise she would have been run over by now by the bureaucrats.

Glenn starts out the interview with this:

GLENN: Very great. If I call you Sarah, please don't take offense to it. I feel the strangest thing with you and I know my listeners feel the same way. You just, you're just like one of us. So? ?

GOVERNOR PALIN: Well, if you let me call you Glenn, I let you call me Sarah. I would just be comfortable with that.

GLENN: All right. First of all, are you clinging to either your God or guns currently right now?

GOVERNOR PALIN: No gun in my hand at this moment, but my God, yes.
She showed her wit with this exchange:
GLENN: This is a Joe Biden gotcha question, just see if you're qualified to be President of the United States: How many letters in the words "Jobs."

GOVERNOR PALIN: Well, we got three letters in the word job. More importantly, four letters in jobs, and that's what we have to do, Glenn, is create jobs. You do that by letting our businesses keep more of what they earn and produce. That allows them to be able to afford more employees. That's how we get the economy back on track. That's just common sense stuff, common sense conservativism.
Go ahead ... give it a read!

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Unknown said...

right on....the real story is how Gov. Palin "went rogue" to set up the interview on her own...