Thursday, September 08, 2011

Family Research Council links to SWAC Girl home school article

The freedom to educate our children at home is an important right for many people including my family. Not only did I teach my two children for sixteen years but I also was a part of leadership in the support organizations, working with other parents to bring families together for social networking (in the days before Facebook) as well as educational opportunities such as field trips, and educating parents on home school laws.

The Family Research Council supports parents who home school their children. Today I received an email from them notifying that they had picked up a post I wrote Tuesday ... "Back in the home school classroom: First day of school":
I am writing to let you know that in the latest edition of our Social Conservative Review, the Family Research Council has linked to an article you wrote for SWAC Girl. The Review goes to about 7,000 opinion-leaders nationwide.

We linked to your piece “Back in the home school classroom: First day of school," because we felt it made a compelling argument about an issue of importance to our country. Please feel free to forward the link to the Review to anyone you wish, and feel free to join the Review's distribution list by simply clicking "subscribe."

With our appreciation and best regards,

Mike Ciandella on behalf of the Family Research Council
In that post, I reminisced about the years with my children as I prepared the classroom for each very important first day each year. I extend my thanks to the FRC for selecting my post about a subject I dearly love ... home schooling.

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