Monday, September 12, 2011

Kents Store, Virginia ... paging Supervisor Shaun Kenney

Paging Fluvanna Supervisor Shaun Kenney from Kents Store! We drove through on a beautiful September day.

Some of the roads in rural Fluvanna made me forget I wasn't in the Shenandoah Valley.

Historic buildings are throughout this county that is also a bedroom community for Charlottesville.

A new fire station was in Kents Store proper.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
9 September 2011


kenneymg said...


You were *right* across the street from us! The grey house and property there is across from our driveway (but our house sits back off the road). It's beautiful in Kents Store, isn't it?

Shaun Kenney said...

While you were at the Kirkpatrick House, you practically could have turned around, walked right through the woods, and come to palatial Kenney Manor!

In fact, the gentleman on the tractor? Was coming over to help me with my garden!!! Kents Store is a beautiful little town. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Shaun, the gentleman on the tractor heading to your house? Too funny! We passed him and he gave a big old wave. Kents Store is indeed a beautiful area. We'll back back. :)