Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mark Levin: "George Allen for U.S. Senate"

As I said in the Washington Examiner, George Allen was conservative before conservative was cool....

Last night, Mark Levin, host of the nationally syndicated and top-rated Mark Levin Show, praised George Allen’s record of conservative leadership. His words reflect the thoughts of many of us who support and endorse George Allen to be the next U.S. Senator of Virginia. Thanks to Mark Levin, no pushover for anyone, for expressing it in a succinct, no-nonsense way.

Transcript of National Talk Radio Host Mark Levin on George Allen:
“George Allen is running in the Republican Primary and will be running I believe in the general election for the US senate.

“A few years ago he was a possible presidential nominee in the Republican Party.

“So now he’s defined as establishment by those who want to defeat him.

“There’s nothing establishment about George Allen.

“George Allen was a great Governor who fought the establishment.

“George Allen got elected to the House of Representatives fighting the establishment.

“He got elected to the Senate because he wasn’t of the establishment.

“And then the establishment in Washington, DC, tried to take him down and then eventually did.

“I’ve endorsed George Allen for the Senate because he’ll be a terrific Senator.  And he’ll be a conservative.

“And he’s got a deeper, longer record as a conservative than anybody who wants to take him down.”

George Allen for U.S. Senate

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