Monday, September 26, 2011

Gallup: 81% of Americans unhappy with government

It continues to be unsettled out there. Politico reports:
An overwhelming majority of respondents, 81 percent, said that they are not satisfied with the governance of the country, compared to 19 percent who are satisfied, according to Gallup.
The article continues:
“Americans’ various ratings of political leadership in Washington add up to a profoundly negative review of government — something that would seem unhealthy for the country to endure for an extended period,” Gallup wrote. “Nevertheless, with another budget showdown looking inevitable and a contentious presidential election year getting underway, it appears the ratings reviewed here could get worse before they improve.”
It's time to elect representatives who are interested in the best interests of those they will represent.

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Toni said...

If you look at the bottom of the poll, you will see that 1,017 people 18-50 across 50 states were polled. That make 20 people per state. Sounds like the government its talking about. How can that many people speak for a nation? I would say that sample is definitely too small.