Sunday, September 04, 2011

Media wage war to redefine 9/11

From Move America Forward....

Only one week from now we will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but rather than honor the memory of civilians and our troops who have died in this war on terror and militant Islamic fundamentalism, the media seems to have undertaken a campaign to change the legacy of 9/11.

Instead of a defiant America fighting back against the evil that threatened us, they're trying to tell us that it's our fault, and that we don't understand the lessons of 9/11!

Just take a look at some of these outrageous headlines from today:

The Worst Mistake America Made After 9/11:
How focusing too much on the war on terror
 ...Slate Magazine

The Narcissism of 9/11 Blinds America... ....The Guardian 

Failing to Realise the Promise of 9/11  ....Aljazeera

America Lost the War on Terror ...Moscow Times

Is this what we want our troops to see?

Is this going to motivate them to fight and complete their mission - when they read these papers saying that the mission they're sacrificing for is bad? No, we can't let that happen!

We can tell the troops OURSELVES that we DO SUPPORT THEM!

Sponsor a care package to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and write the note yourself, tell them you support them and what they're sacrificing for! Don't let them be troubled by a bunch of foreigners and ingrates who don't appreciate the freedoms that our troops sacrifice for.

These foreign and some (liberal) domestic media outlets are full of crap! There is no other way to put it, but crudely, they're full of lies and deceit!

Almost all modern western countries have endured some form of attack at the hands of Al Qaeda madmen, and no one questions their right to defend themselves.

But because we are big-bad-America, it's no longer righteous to defend ourselves and avenge our fellow Americans who were murdered.

We can't let these anti-American liberals and foreigners redefine what 9/11 means!

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