Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mountain garden gate

An invitation to a Shenandoah County secret garden
overlooking the Appalachian Mountains.

Open the garden gate
Butterflies float gently on the breeze as they flutter by
Emerald tones of grass blanket the ground.
Rose's trail and twist on the broken trellis.
Petals glisten and radiate rainbow blooms
Tiny birds flit across your path
The sun warms your face.
This is utopia
Open the garden gate

~Amber A. Whitman

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
22 August 2011


BITWIT Systems said...

I would like permission to use your Mountain garden gate picture for a brochure for our Gateway Garden club in Martinsburg WV.
Thank you,
KAthy Gerken

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Kathy, absolutely! And thank you. If you could give credit to "Lynn R. Mitchell," it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

KAthy G said...

Will do.