Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rudy Giuliani endorses George Allen

The 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 came under Rudy Giuliani's watch as mayor of New York City and he, without question, showed a leadership under crisis that still stands today.

Today, Giuliani endorsed another great leader, George Allen, who was in the U.S. Senate in 2001 during those tragic days. In a one-minute video, he talked about his good friend who could get things done in Washington:
"I'm writing today to tell you that I am proud to be supporting my good friend George Allen for the U.S. Senate in Virginia.

These are difficult times for many hard working men and women across our nation and we need people in Washington who know how to get things done.

George understands what it takes to create jobs and reinvigorate America's entrepreneurial spirit.

He has the leadership and vision we need in Washington to get our country back on track.

It's time to bring some common sense back to Washington.

I know that George Allen will stand strong for his principles and fight every day for the people of Virginia.

This is a crucial race that will likely decide who takes control of the U.S. Senate. I ask you to take action and join me in support of George Allen.


Rudy Giuliani
And the endorsements continue....

George Allen for Senate 2012

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