Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Carbonite parts with Rush ... stock plummets

Carbonite has now left the building....

In the wake of last week's controversy regarding Rush Limbaugh and the now-revealed-30-year-old Georgetown law student, liberals went to work calling for product boycotts of advertisers on his show. As a result, some advertisers have withdrawn their ads from the political guru's conservative radio talk show.

Obviously, Rush's poor choice of words was done in the spirit of joking and not meanness, and once again points out the hypocrisy of the left.

There was no rush to boycott Bill Maher's show when he called Sarah Palin a "t**t" and a "c**t." There was no rush to boycott when Keith Olberman and other liberals punched someone with sometimes sexually explicit names. It seems to be a male versus femal bias.

The hypocrisy continued Monday even after Rush apologized for his language and lamented that he had stooped to their level. Indeed.

One company that withdrew advertising was Carbonite, the backup computer system that has advertised extensively with Rush. But a funny thing happened in the wake of their withdrawing: The company stock plummeted Tuesday on the Stock Exchange.

Is this a backlash of Rush supporters against the companies who have pulled out of his show. A kind of anti-boycott against the boycotters?

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