Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leftists openly admit they wish Cheney would die ... sign the get well card

From, the group who supports our military heroes and their missions in the war on terrorism....


In a disgusting display of vitriolic hate, thousands of far-left commentators and their supporters have been filling the airwaves and the internet with hate messages, openly hoping and praying for the death of former Vice President Dick Cheney, after his risky but successful heart transplant surgery.

We hate seeing rhetoric like this, it's ugly and beneath us, as Americans. We also wonder how much pain it must cause for Dick Cheney and his family. Someone who has done so much for our country doesn't deserve to be targeted this way.

We hope our GET WELL SOON CARD will remind Mr. Cheney that despite the hate coming from those on the left, most Americans actually support him, wish him health, and are praying for his speedy recovery. Please sign it!

In a very scary and cynical interview that sounded more like a "Death Panel" under Obamacare, NBC's Matt Lauer said "[Cheney's] case has re-opened debate on whether rules should be changed to favor younger patients"

NBC's medical editor Nancy Snyderman said Cheney's operation "...raised a lot of ethical questions, moral questions, about whether the Vice President, in fact, should have received his heart..."

Even more hateful were the comments posted on Democratic Underground, a website well-known for it's extreme left slant. The follow are all quotes from their website!

> "I hope he dies a slow death"
> "Cheney is a murderer"
> "I hope dick is in pain and drowning in his own fluids"
> "I'm not going to feel anything but intense gratitude... [when he dies]"
Is this kind of sick demented talk even worthy of our attention? The answer is yes.

Even though we are used to people hating our friend Dick Cheney, he's already trying to recover from a tough and invasive surgery. On top of that, knowing that there are people out there WISHING for you to not recover cannot be comforting to think of. That's why we have to show him that there are thousands of people supporting him!

Our "GET WELL" card reads "We thank you for your years of service and support for our troops, and we will all keep you in our hearts and prayers for regaining your health and happiness."

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