Sunday, March 25, 2012

Former VP Dick Cheney has heart transplant ... Get Well Soon, Mr. Vice President!

The news came out Saturday evening that former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney had undergone heart transplant surgery in a Northern Virginia hospital after being on a waiting list for 20 months. Immediately we saw the best and worst of America as most sent their get well wishes to the Cheney family, and others left tasteless messages at various media venues, as noted by Bearing Drift colleague Ken Falkenstein.

Here at SWAC Land, we have the Vice President in our thoughts and prayers as he recuperates from this very serious surgery, and his family as they go through the trying days and weeks ahead.

Over at Move America Forward, the folks who support our troops and their mission in the war on terror, a Get Well Card has been put up for grateful Americans to sign to send best wishes:

Dear Vice-President Cheney,

We want to join in wishing you a speedy and full recovery from your recent heart transplant surgery.  Your steadfast support for our military men and women marks your years of loyal service for our country.  Your counsel and guidance were crucial in helping President George W. Bush steer America through some of the toughest times and darkest days.

You resoluteness helped America face the most insidious evil that has confronted us in decades. Despite protests from the 'blame America first" crowd, you had the fortitude and strength to tell America to stay firm and do what had to be done to defend our freedoms.

We thank you for your years of service and support for our troops, and we will all keep you in our hearts and prayers for regaining your health and happiness.

Signed, a grateful American patriot, [name]
Get well soon, Mr. Vice President.

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