Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Allen responds to Obama announcement on seismic surveys off VA coast

U.S. Senate candidate George Allen released the following statement today in response to the Obama Administration’s announcement it will move towards seismic surveys for oil and gas off Virginia’s coast.
“My opponent, Tim Kaine, took steps to try to delay Virginia’s lease sale when he was Governor and it’s disappointing that President Obama is continuing that policy.  Today’s announcement is just more showmanship from an out-of-touch Administration that has repeatedly said ‘No’ to American jobs and affordable energy even as gas prices have skyrocketed to near record highs.  If President Obama and Tim Kaine wanted to help create jobs and reduce energy prices in the long-term, they would allow Virginians to access our oil and natural gas off our coast today – not six years from now.

“It’s disappointing that Washington seems to be more focused on political gimmicks that keep our resources off-limits, than coming together to take meaningful action to ease the burden on families, small business owners and farmers paying astronomical gasoline and diesel prices.  Allowing Virginia to explore and produce these resources would mean thousands of new jobs, more affordable energy and royalties that we could use for roads and transportation.  Yet Tim Kaine and President Obama have slowed, blocked and delayed access to those proven resources, pursuing counterproductive policies that do nothing to reduce prices at the pump.

“If I am hired on to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate, on my first day I will introduce legislation to allow Virginia to produce oil and natural gas.”

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