Monday, December 16, 2013

Nooks and crannies of SWAC Daughter's Tennessee home

 Decorated for Christmas, SWAC Daughter had lots of little seasonal touches throughout her new home in Tennessee.

 We weren't in Virginia anymore and, knowing my love of history and exploring new places, SWAC Daughter had picked up a number of maps and brochures of the Nashville area from the Tennessee Visitors Center.

 The Santa came from her Mammaw in Richmond. He's holding kittens ... of course!

 Also from Mammaw....

 It's always fun to see SWAC Son-in-Law's Charlie Brown Christmas tree from his bachelor days set up and enjoying the holidays ...

 ... even though he has competition from a real live Frasier Fir.

 SIL's advent calendar ... yum!

 You can take the girl out of Virginia but she still needs a touch of Colonial Virginia. This swag is from Monticello.

 SWAC Daughter made burlap wreaths last year, and it still looks good as new. She asked for greenery from our Shenandoah Valley yard so we took some evergreen, magnolia, and nandina berries that she used to make her place look even more Christmasy.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
December 2013

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