Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Politics, photos, and postings

Our first Christmas card arrived in the mail yesterday from friends that we know through politics but the friendship lasted even after we all gave up our leadership positions and walked away from the local dysfunctional GOP committee five years ago.

A note inside the card brought a smile to my face. It's something I've heard throughout the years: people like to read something besides politics all the time.

Yeah, I'm a political junkie. But sometimes you need a break.

The note inside the Christmas card read: "Lynn -- Thanks for all the traffic updates and beautiful pics of Augusta County. It's a reminder of what a beautiful place we live in -- and how God is so good!"

In the back-stabbing world of politics, it's a nice respite to get away not only during the holidays but all year. And it's a nice reminder of who your friends are....

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
November 30, 2013

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