Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pinterest: Top 10 Pins of 2013

Pinterest! It continues to grow among those who enjoy looking at ideas for a variety of subjects from others, and among those who are just discovering this wide-reaching media marvel. As we close out 2013, what were the top pins for the year?

Pinterest has listed what they consider the most popular although I must admit only a few of these categories were ones I was interested in checking out. Be that as it is, here's what Pinterest listed as the Most Popular Pins of 2013:
Taco cupcakes, churro waffles, and beer-candied bacon in Food

The Caves (Jamaica), a geothermal spa (Iceland), and Temples (Myanmar) in Travel

Tulle, boho, tartan, and collars in Women’s Fashion

Bowties, colored pants, and hipster haircuts in Men’s Fashion

The real Django, Tuskegee Air Women, and a Japanese female warrior in History

Refurbed bikes, souped-up trucks, and The Chevy Stingray in Cars & Motorcycles

Treadmill plans, medicine balls and yoga poses to detox in Health & Fitness

Ikea hacks, pallet walls and grey paint color schemes in Decor

Brain breaks, creative writing prompts and parent involvement in Education

Lace gowns, mismatched bridesmaids, and grandmothers as flower girls in Weddings

3D printers, wearables and motion sensors in Technology
Wonder what the trends will be in 2014....

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