Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Richmond among Frommer's Top Destinations for 2014

Let's hear it for RVA, the southern city that landed on Frommer's list of top destinations for 2014, who declared, "While you weren't looking, Richmond got cool."

My hometown, it's been "cool" to many of us for years. Renovation of the Slip area from tobacco warehouses to apartments, development of Rockett's Landing, train station, museums, craft beers, Carytown, nearby attractions, history, government, shopping, Maymont Park, the James River. Right through town. How cool is that? White water rafting, Belle Island, James River Park, biking, hiking, fun.

After floundering a bit a couple of decades ago and after losing its flagship century-old downtown department stores, Richmond has refound its footing in recent years and there's nowhere to go but up. Congratulations, RVA!

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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