Saturday, December 07, 2013

Rick Perry will forgo speaking at RPV Gala; state of emergency declared in Texas

The wintry weather in the forecast for much of Virginia has conspired to make tonight's Republican Party of Virginia Gala a smaller-than-expected affair.

With sleet, ice, and snow expected on Sunday, some attendees will forgo their $100 tickets and hit the road home this afternoon. Governor Rick Perry, the featured speaker for the Gala, has also been knocked out by the weather after canceling to stay close to home because Texas is under a state of emergency from the same weather heading toward Virginia.

Today there are workshops and luncheon and unit awards while hobnobbing in the lobby and the many nooks and crannies that make The Homestead such a great location for this event.

There will probably be a mass exodus after lunch is finished. No one wants to deal with ice and snow on the back roads of Bath County. Safe travels!

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