Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BOGOs and penny pinching at the grocery store

And so it goes in Shreveport's Pat hit the nail on the head Monday when she noted that trips to the grocery store have become far more expensive the past few years.

Last week I was looking for round steak for my beef teriyaki, a snow-day goody that can easily be cooked on the wood stove or fireplace. Round steak used to be the cheap stuff. Last week it was around $8-9 pound. I ended up substituting the less-appealing stew beef chunks that were $5 a pound.

That's why I religiously shop sales and look for markdown items. We are able to grill ribeyes, pork chops, t-bones, and other cuts of beef by buying from the markdown shelf and watching for sales at Martin's. Chicken continues to be a good bargain when bought on sale. In fact, I have a roaster in the oven today that was a BOGO.*

This morning's news that the price of milk is going up approximately 60 cents a gallon because of the ongoing drought in California made me wonder why because most dairy farms, I thought, were in other parts of the country. Nevertheless, it's yet another staple that's rising in price. All those years as a one-income homeschool family taught me how to pinch a penny and shop the bargains. Looks like it was good training for now.

* BOGO = Buy One Get One Free

H/T Fishersville Mike

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