Thursday, February 13, 2014

Photos #1 ... Shenandoah Valley BIG snow of 2014

It's a Winter Wonderland in the Shenandoah Valley! We finally got our big snow for 2014 with 16-18 inches of the cold, white stuff piled on the deck, in the yard, and against the fence. I took a walk around with my camera (in a plastic bag because it was still snowing), checking out favorite spots as I literally waded through snow that was so deep it came over my snow boots and was almost knee deep. The cold quickly seeped through my knit gloves even though the temperature hovered around freezing. 

I'll remember this scene Fourth of July when we're grilling out with friends in 100-degree weather.

There's a Honda under there ... poor little thing.

There he is. Buried.

SWAC Husband made a runway for me to trek in from the deck without leaving snow all over the floor. LOL. The snowman rug was perfect for today. 

We're thankful for good neighbors ... everyone is out checking on one another. One has cleared snow from in front of mailboxes, and another cleared our driveway with his tractor. Sky is darkening again and we're bracing for Round 2 of the storm that should bring more measurable snow. It's a great time to celebrate and embrace winter.... Be safe and warm out there.

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Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
Big Snow 2014
February 13, 2014

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