Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All together now ... one, two, three ... post!

I can see from reading the blog headlines that, like good little lemmings, the lefty bloggers have taken their marching orders and are all posting about Jim Webb meeting the President at the White House and acting like a jerk.

Oh ... that's not what they wrote. They wrote that he met the President, the President asked about his son who is currently stationed in Iraq (a polite and sincere thing to do), and Jim Webb proceeded to say he wanted his son home soon. The President, from their reports, said that was not what he asked; he asked how he was doing ... and, reportedly from the lefty blogs, Webb wanted to "deck" the President but didn't.

Here's the link to The Hill. But it's all hear-say ... gossip ... an unreliable source's word. And, to me, a crock because that's not the way George W. Bush handles himself.

But the lefties keep spinning and spinning....


Anonymous said...

SWAC Girl said, "But it's all hear-say ... gossip ... an unreliable source's word."

Wait a minute!! Wasn't that the whole Webb campaign?? Why should they stop now.

Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Webb--oh my. How can one begin to discuss this man?

He got elected (probably peed his pants when it happened) and is now in a situation he never dared believe.
He's toast. I seriously don't think he'll last his entire term.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

LOL. Good point, Phil!

Elle - Riley, Not O'Reilly over at Virginia Virtucon has a post asking bets on how long folks think Webb will last in the job. Seems we're not the only ones wondering how the longivity of this guy in a job. After all, George Allen DID call him "R2-D2" because he's been a Republican, Democrat, Republican, and now a Democrat again.