Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ed Gillespie as RPV Chairman?

Many names have been bantered about the past few days as possible candidates to fill the RPV Chairman vacancy left by Kate Obenshain Griffin. When considering a replacement, several things come into play for me.

Who is leading the Virginia Democrats? Dickie Cranwell, a hard-nosed partisan Dem who takes no prisoners and plays hard-ball.

We need the same at RPV. We can take the high road ... but after dealing with the nasty Jim Webb campaign, I feel it's time to put the gloves on.

What have been our problems at RPV? One ... the lawsuit. Two ... the money we had to pay to settle the lawsuit. Three ... losing statewide elections. Four ... rallying the grassroots. Five ... losing Northern Virginia voters.

It stands to reason that we need someone who can raise money (which is absolutely necessary in order to win elections), grow the Party, reclaim Northern Virginia voters, and has the background to prove it. It also helps if that person is conservative and accessible to the grassroots.

Ed Gillespie? He seems to fill the bill on all these needs. As head of the Republican National Committee, he raised millions of dollars. For last week's election he raised millions for Michael Steele's run at U.S. Senate in Maryland ... and I hear he returns phone calls.

I haven't made any decisions yet but the field is narrowing. Stay tuned....

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