Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kate is leaving....

Kate Obenshain Griffin leaving as RPV Chairman

I like Kate Griffin ... always have. I was impressed the first time I heard her speak at a Sixth District meeting some years ago ... her enthusiasm, her way of holding an audience's interest, her common sense ideas, her conservative values.

So it was with sadness that I read her letter of resignation as RPV's Chairman. But it wasn't unexpected.

Last year the blogosphere had gone ballistic speculating about her stepping down. It had all proved to be nothing more than rumors ... and at the time I wrote an email to Kate to let her know I supported her.

This year, however, after our loss of George Allen, it seems logical to find a new "boss."

Kate came on board when RPV had much baggage ... lawsuit issues, financial issues ... but she rolled up her sleeves and plugged away at putting RPV back together again ... and we are now almost out of debt, thanks to Kate's hard work. Her finesse at managing members during animated State Central Committee meetings was much like herding cats ... but she managed it.

Those meetings were held in RPV headquarters which is named The Obenshain Building in honor of her father, Dick Obenshain, who was killed in 1978 at the age of 42 in an airplane crash while campaigning for the U.S. Senate (the seat that was later won by John Warner). Ironically, her father was Chairman of RPV in 1972. Her brother is State Senator Mark Obenshain from Harrisonburg. What a family of public servants!

Thanks, Kate, for all the hard work on behalf of Virginia Republicans. It was a pleasure working with you ... and I wish you well in your transition role with George Allen ... and whatever you aspire to do in the future.

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