Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Happy Feet" an animated "Inconvenient Truth"?

Leftie blogger points out others saw hidden agenda in movie

Ever notice how supposedly "inclusive" left wing liberal bloggers can't stand an opinion that is different from their own?

My post about "Happy Feet" including a politically correct message seems to have sent one leftie Richmond blogger right over the edge. Terry at the Liberal Progressive blog site has a problem with me having an opinion about this movie ... and now calls me out about it.

Apparently I'm not the only one who saw the "hidden agenda" within the movie, something I was totally unaware of until I read Terry's post ranting about my suggestion that we could give political correctness a rest for an hour during a children's animated movie.

It now seems that Neil Cavuto of Fox News Channel also saw a hidden agenda in "Happy Feet," according to News Hound, some left wing site that says it "watches Fox so you don't have to."

News Hound posted:

Half an hour later, during Fox's alleged "business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, ... [was] a segment bashing the new movie Happy Feet. He said he thought it was "like an animated Inconvenient Truth." He wondered if Hollywood was trying to "sneak one by us," and he claimed the movie has a "hidden agenda" that is "pretty far left."

Thank you, Terry, for letting me realize I'm not alone in my opinion ... which I stand by.

But you don't have to bash me for it. It is, after all, just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Nice try, but I wasn't calling out so much your opinion of the movie, just the fact that you seemingly think it's wrong to make kids aware of the human destruction to the environment. Not only that, but you try to make it into some "anti human, left wing, liberal propaganda."

As for not being able to stand someone elses opinion, well I don't know much about that but apparently you do! Seeing as how you STILL refuse to post Jaime's response. Why is it that your comments are moderated anyway? Scared someone may actually say something on your blog that makes sense?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Terry and friends,

1) You guys don't read because, if you did, you would have the answers to everything you have asked. Try reading my other posts.

2) Children in the United States for the past 30 years have been indoctrinated with politically correct trash from the time they were born - cartoons, kids' shows, public school. I simply suggested that we could take a one-hour respite from the preaching to just enjoy a kids' animated movie ... and you went ballistic. Afraid someone may try to think for themselves if the constant drumbeat is stopped for an hour?

3) Jaime threatened me (if you read the comments under "Our President" you would have read all this) and I don't respond to threats. She is free to roam the blogosphere but not SWAC Girl's space.

4) The reason for moderating comments: Again, if you read my posts you would know the answer to the question so stop wasting my time with these trivial comments.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

BTW, as far as Grievous Dog ... I only wish I had that kind of talent to turn out such great graphics.

Sorry to disappoint you ... but there are more of us conservatives out here than you realize ... it's just that we have families and lives so we're not blogging day and night.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry to disappoint you ... but there are more of us conservatives out here than you realize ... it's just that we have families and lives so we're not blogging day and night."

Hey, that's great but you forgot one thing, YOU'VE POSTED MORE THAN I HAVE TODAY!!!! Thanks for the material though, over 200 people logged on today to read the piece I wrote. It was also the most clicked on story in the nation on leftyblogs. Please, continue to make a fool of yourself so I can call you out on it.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I was going to respond to you ... but then decided no response was necessary. You say it all and then some ... much better than I ever could....

Have a wonderful day!