Friday, November 17, 2006

Voter Registration by Party ... let's do it!

Grassroots need Party registration

In today's Washington Times is this article by Seth McLaughlin - Virginia GOP seeks partisan primaries - which discusses voter registration in Virginia by political party. Under those rules I would register as a Republican, someone else would register as a Democrat, others may register as Independents.

As a hard-working grassroots volunteer, I say it's about time!

Every election cycle the Party expects volunteers to make hundreds of voter ID phone calls to identify Republicans, Democrats, and Independents ... something that could be stopped if we had registration by Party. Volunteers aren't enthusiastic about making the calls ... and from the response in the community, voters don't like receiving them.

And ... it would stop those who are not otherwise involved in the political process from having a say in the Primary outcome of who is to represent the Party on the ballot. As one who works hard for our candidates, I find it insulting to think a group of Democrats can vote in a Republican Primary to try and sabotage the results.

Why should a Democrat be able to decide who will run as my Republican candidate?

This battle is being led by Republican State Senator Ken Cuccinelli representing the 11th Congressional District.

I say, "Thank you, Senator Cuccinelli!"

Will other Republican delegates and state senators take up the fight?

This is a position the 6th District took up two years ago, and I know many around the Commonwealth feel the same. Other states have voter registration by Party and it has worked well. Why not Virginia?

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Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Voter registration by party ID is a long time coming. Thank you Albo and Cuccinelli!