Friday, November 03, 2006

Lowest employment in five years thanks to Bush leadership

Mainstream media ignore good news

Bush Buoyed by Good Employment News, Fires Away at Dems, Pelosi
Friday , November 03, 2006

President Bush, energized by news that U.S. unemployment was at a five-year low, tried to focus the Battle for Congress on the economy Friday, hammering away at Democrats — in particular, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — who he says will do away with tax cuts.

"People are working in the United States, the tax cuts have worked," Bush told a Republican rally in Springfield, Mo., where the president was stumping for incumbent Sen. Jim Talent.

"If these tax cuts are not extended or made permanent, your taxes are going up," Bush warned, charging that Pelosi already had asked "the man who would be chairman of Ways and Means [Charles Rangel, D-NY]" whether he would preserve the cuts.

"Not a one, not a tax cut," Bush said Pelosi was told.

Rangel, later appearing on FOX News, when asked whether he would roll back tax cuts, said: "That's bad tax policy and bad politics."

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f mcdonald said...

A booming economy and the lowest unemployment in my memory. Yeah, that "W" is ruining us. /s