Thursday, November 30, 2006

At the Homestead for Republican Advance....

Beautiful surroundings perfect for Republican retreat

The Homestead (back view)

Arrived this afternoon at The Homestead for the Republican Advance taking place this weekend with the movers and shakers of the GOP. I'm looking forward to seeing electeds and fellow activists as we vote on a new RPV Chairman and hear from Senator George Allen as well as other prominent members of our Party. I'm also looking forward to meeting conservative bloggers who may be in attendance.

Bath County Stream (Rt. 39)

The Homestead is one of my favorite places ... a serene, beautiful setting in the Alleghany Mountains of Bath County, Virginia. Only 45 minutes from my front door, it's a traffic-free gorgeous drive over from Augusta County.

After checking in, we reacquainted ourselves with the hotel, a unique property with rambling hallways, elegant rooms, and the Great Hall featuring numerous fireplaces and gathering places. Outside we enjoyed the view from rocking chairs on the porch, and later walked into the village of Hot Springs for dinner. After dark we strolled throughout the darkened grounds looking at the Christmas lights on trees and shrubs.

Tomorrow everyone will begin arriving for the Advance and the fun will begin! But tonight it's quiet and peaceful, a respite from months of campaigning, running headquarters, hauling and putting up signs, working the phones, and working with other volunteers for the election/re-election of our representatives.

See you at the Advance....

(Photos by SWAC Girl)

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