Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks for family at Thanksgiving and all year....

The pies are ready ... the turkey is cooked ... the table is set for 18. I had a few moments before time for the big meal to check the blogs and see how everyone's Thanksgiving was going.

Yesterday my two sisters and our spouses and I were in the kitchen peeling potatoes, cracking pecans, chopping celery ... while the radio rocked to the oldies ... and we sang along and laughed ... and it reminded me of something - but I couldn't think what - as I washed another dish to use again. And then it came to me.

"The Big Chill."

It reminded me of the scene in the movie "The Big Chill" where all the friends were in the kitchen preparing dinner with music going and everyone singing and dancing.

It has been so much fun spending time with my parents, sisters, their spouses, the two 11-year-old nieces, and my husband and kids. In a little while the cousins will arrive and the house will be rollicking again as we unstuff the turkey and stuff ourselves instead.

I'm blessed by the family and friends in my life. I think I've touched base with most of them this holiday to wish them a blessed Thanksgiving.

And, Nate ... be well as you work through the night in Iraq to keep us safe here in America. You're in our thoughts and prayers today. Be well and God bless....

Happy Thanksgiving!

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